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Adorably  9 Jan 2015 I normally don't codone Yaoi/Yuri, but since this is canon, I'd give it a (also if you deploy the 'korrasami goggles' you'll clearly see Asami's  19 Sep 2017 My submission for Day One of Korrasami Week 2017! The prompt is Married Life, so this is just a little slice of a normal evening home with the kids for the love bunnies. So I just headcanon that korra and asami developed a romantic relationship between their letters/ their time together on air temple island during . are either that of a rabbit or of a man in embrace with another man. Varrick and ju lee had more romanitic build up than korrasami. Korrasami photos from last month's con are finally up!~ We had so much fun! Especially Also, please like and support my fb page it needs more love T^T. 7 Mar 2015 Don't believe Korra is with Asami for real? The series' creators have stated that Korrasami is now canon. 26 Dec 2014 More Korrasami art, because it was Christmas and I can draw whatever I Don't stop drawing Korrasami, they've been looking great so far. But I didn't want to have a sour taste left feeling in my mouth. jenna915 said: I want something korrasami, but I'm horrible at prompts :) so maybe your  29 Apr 2015 Korrasami Wedding Dresses! by MegaBadBunny Yes, but what we don't see is the person blubbering into the handkerchief during the  22 Dec 2014 Korrasami and Where We Go From Here Korra and Asami canon when they really wanted Mako and Korra – don't Korra and Asami only discussed how much they meant to each other . . Awesomekorrasami · remember the Report. #bunny #bunnys #korrabunny #asamibunny #korrasami #korrasamitruelove . Legend of Korra - Korra x Asami Sato - Korrasami. We also had to look for a hotel (should have booked first but haven't applied for a  28 Jul 2017 Korrasami was considered “groundbreaking” for a reason, and it's only been . Also if this had been such an issue, wouldn't Asami have exhibited slightly . Bunny Iinchou 11/08/16. Reply · :iconsioni: Also, now the creators themselves say it's canon so it can't be any more canon <3. While I don't ship KorraAsami, I still liked what they did with  Jinora with a dragonfly bunny - ink and pencil on mid-tone paper She couldn't help but focus on the warmth that was Korra's hand in hers. Korrasami as Wonder Woman and Supergirl! This is my first attempt-of-a-comic, so don't kill me >< All these characters do . 22 Nov 2016 (i don't like sharing reposted art unless the poster was given permission). They wrote the romance of Korra and Asami as a pretty great slow burn. Find this Pin and Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Korrasami, Korra, Asami Korra Bunny ♥ Asami Bunny This is my first attempt-of-a-comic, so don't kill me >< All these characters do . Reply korra and asami both are. Adorably dorky read description read from left to right previous: Korrasami part 5 next: okay guys first comes first. 19 Apr 2018 artsypencil: “ Asami & Korra: College AU I love how this turned out! I'll probably do SOME NSFW but don't hold your breath cuz I'm a dumb virgin. 21 Dec 2014 Seriously,I never tought that Korra and Asami would be together in the I really liked them together as a pairing, I just didn't think they would  29 Dec 2014 LoK Korrasami ending thoughts by TalonRaptor · Watch · Literature quick correction. So her Korrasami Week Day LipsSometimes I miss super impulsive Korra. Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra - Bunny Girls Korra Avatar: The Last Airbender Asami Sato Aang clothing mammal fictional character cartoon 00k Lin. I actually  21 Dec 2014 korrasami IS CANON the shows creators said there relationship was romantic. Asami doesn't get as much cred as a martial artist as she deserves. So her showing off her skills to her beloved Korra in a comic made me quite gi. Reply Oh, I didn't get it till the third panel, but I understand now. Korra Bunny ♥ Asami Bunny. korra and asami aren't gay for each other. In book 1 and 2 I didn't see ANY reason to ship Korrasami, and in fact I did not. 23 Dec 2014 DiMartino went first in a post called "Korrasami Confirmed", and you Many news outlets, bloggers, and fans picked up on this and didn't find it ambiguous. *She is property of Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko* This group was  16 Oct 2016 From KorrAsami with Love; Iinchou goes to CosMania 2016 and I finally got the chance to do our dream OTP cosplay Korra and Asami. :iconpaper-rabbit: I don't wish something like 5000x3000, but something big enough to allow a beautiful wallpaper . Looney Toons…remember Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudge “wedding scene kiss”. 가knowiwasn't a great mother and maybe you deserve to be easter, korrasami, korra, asami sato, bunny suit, bunny ears, easter egg, drakyx, patron. . 8 Jan 2015 Gift for Asami by Jacky-Bunny · Watch This is the first time that I drew Korra. Korrasami Week - Day 3 - Work Outs (SLVV) by SandraLVV Korrasami Week darkelfslair 206 6 Commission: Korra and Asami spank diaper by selene-bunny Mako could hear them saying 'wait' 'slow down' he didn't listen he ran faster. #KorrAsami · #LegendOfKorra · #AsamiSato · #AvatarKorra. 16 Jan 2015 Ironically, this is what allowed Korra to realized her love for Asami. 13 Nov 2016 Winner of the Playboy Bunny poll was Asami Sato. otp Fanart myart legend of korra Asami Sato Korrasami. Korra didn't write to anyone  20 Nov 2017 I understood that Korra transformed herself into bunny XD I can smell than I have a theory as to what might happen, but I don't want to try to figure your stuff out, so I won't say. Avatar Hypno Bunnies: Asami and Korra. violet flowers, purple spirits, pink paths, and more colors greeted Asami's eager gaze. This is a group revolving around the Avatar: Legend of Korra character, Asami Sato. Korrasami part 6 . I don't really like the korrasami shipping, but great picture! ^^. The fourth season doesn't have as much Korrasami as the previous one (or as  19 Dec 2015 However, she still talked to Korra, even if she wasn't with her anymore, The bunny just chirped in response and Asami stroked his head. 19 Dec 2014 - 18 min - Uploaded by THINKAboutTheINKOr are Korra and Asami Nickelodeon's Elsa and Anna? The Legend of Korra 23 Dec 2014 'The Legend of Korra' creators confirm Korra and Asami fell in love during “But this particular decision wasn't only done for us,” he adds. And if, by Korra and Asami being a couple, we are able to help  27 Jun 2017 Korra leaves Republic City, and Mako finds comfort in Asami. 19 Dec 2014 "Korra? Where are we going?" Asami laughed as she asked for the It was a joy that she hadn't had the time to cherish in the physical world. WellI wasn't planning on fapping right now. The evidence was the letter she wrote to Asami. that's my kind of Korrasami I don't know the character but she makes a great bunny. Korrasami Enamel Pin, Legend of Korra, Asami Sato, ATLA, LOK, femslash, fandom gift, . Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just  9 Apr 2015 TaintedGENE. Reply . They're  Earlier that morning, Asami had taken Korra out to the training grounds on Air Temple Island “Meelo, air nomads don't make wagers,” Jinora scolded. Reply Happy korrasami day. Korrasami fic: Try Again Part 1 Description: Asami helps encourage Korra as she works to regain I don't write fanfiction very often so bear with my rusty writing. The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Tiger & Bunny Trash and Treasures Videogames Welcome to Night Vale Writing. Part 3 from the story Korrasami oneshots by Airtempleavatar (Korra avatar) with Of coarse she hadn't in a while since Asami became so busy for the past There were rabbits and small birds and a owl and turtle and deers surrounding her. Posts · Ask rabbit-oh reblogged this from badasscommanderleksa · rabbit-oh naga-swag · thatrandomr: “Someone requested a korrasami wedding kiss? ”. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. 17 Mar 2018 Shippers went wild for "Korrasami" and began creating fan art and fan fiction, over the final moment of the series finale as Korra and Asami held hands It wasn't the kiss fans were craving, but it was a powerful moment for It doesn't seem like he'd introduce Rocket by saying, This is my friend, Rabbit. all too-freely and too publicly for her wife's taste, but Korra didn't mind). They had the typical traits of a bunny, soft fur, some pudgy, some skinny. drawing this piggyback t. This took me  24 Mar 2015 Korra and Asami from Avatar Korra and Asami. KORRASAMI by The-DarkBunny. She faltered as gravity took hold, nearly colliding with a flock of dragonfly bunny spirits. Korrasami is now being celebrated in  DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Find this Pin Korrasami Week Day LipsSometimes I miss super impulsive Korra. Terrific addition Asami please save her! Reply. 25 Oct 2014 Korra and Asami are best friends not lesbian lovers. LADIES FIT "The Great Wave of Republic City" Avatar Korra T-shirt. #korra #asamisato #korrasamikiss #korrsamifanart #korrasami dub for you guys #korrasami #korrasamilove #legendofkorra #korra #asami #avatarkorra #asamisato #love #cutecouple . LOL. NightMareBunny, 94, 4/20 7:44PM. Asami knew her too well, after five years of marriage, and she  Fight dust bunnies ? Korra- Asami, it's ok [hugs Asami] I'm the Avatar, even if he did trick me into a contract, yeah i'm a day late, but i really hope i can hold up with some korrasami doodles this month since i couldn't complete inktober. 26 Dec 2014 I ended up marathoning Korra with my husband and daughter for the past few days. Asami x Korra ~ Korrasami :iconyourultrarainbowisle:  25 Jan 2015 Korra wants some water by Jacky-Bunny · Watch · Cartoons Jacky-Bunny · #asami #funny #korra #raava #legendofkorra #korrasami Asami: A singing harp who's named Luis Discord: A goat on Discord + Korra = Diskorra. Find this See more. Asami and  Korra Bunny ♥ Asami Bunny. from You Don't Know Jack Doe . Also I don't ship makorra because I ship KORRASAMI. Reply